Land Surveying

Monitoring Surveys

We undertake monitoring surveys to identify movement or deformation in any environment using precise digital levels, movement detectors, precision survey instruments and high accuracy reflectorless total stations. We can map small changes in vertical movement, level and horizontal movement or full 3D XYZ coordinate differences in either real-time or over long periods to demonstrate changes and trends.

With a track record of designing, specifying, installing and completing job specific monitoring campaigns designed to accurately measure and record movement in a large variety of structures and buildings we are able to confidently advise and liaise with Clients and their Architects or Engineers to achieve the best monitoring system to meet their requirements.

From the settlement of buildings or the deformation of major civil structures to the movement of natural features and earthworks we can provide a detailed understanding of the dynamics and movement to the highest order of accuracy.

Monitoring projects have included; major bridges and structures, sea defence, soil embankment stability, historic buildings, steelwork, retaining walls and ground settlement at landfill site.

  • Movement monitoring
  • Precise levelling
  • Deformation monitoring
  • Coastal erosion monitoring
  • Ground water monitoring
  • Measuring real-time or over long periods
  • 3D XYZ coordinate differences
  • Crack monitoring
  • Precision 3D evaluation
  • Automated monitoring
  • BS 8204 : Floor Surface Regularity Surveys
monitoring survey of the orwell bridge

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