Land Surveying

Engineering Surveying

At Survey Solutions we have a background in design engineering, contracting and civil engineering projects, giving us a detailed understanding of the survey needs and requirements of the design team.  As experienced engineering surveyors, we have a proven record of providing accurate engineering surveys for use in design and construction of structural, infrastructure, transportation, environmental and civil engineering schemes.

We can provide accurate and reliable dimension data throughout the construction process from the base topographical survey, cross-sections and ground modelling information to cut and fill calculations, dimensional control to setting-out on-site and finished as-built drawings. The range of projects undertaken have also include more specialist engineering surveying such as railway projects, coastal erosions, tunnelling and restricted access site.

  • Volumes calculations
  • Stockpile surveys
  • Cut/Fill calculations
  • Areas calculations
  • Pile setting-out
  • Land parcel surveys
  • Precision positioning
  • Noise Surveys
  • Setting-out for construction
  • Dimensional control
  • As-built record surveys
  • Site engineering surveys
  • BS 8204 : Floor Surface Regularity Surveys
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construction site where an engineering survey is being carried out

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