Measured Building Surveys

Floor Plans

Survey Solutions can produce fully-connected measured floor plans as standalone drawings or as part of a fully controlled survey package of the structure and surrounding areas. With survey controls established throughout the building we can reliably link all floors to a common datum in position and level to build a detailed 3d drawing of the property.

All aspects of the building can be accurately measured with observations taken to position the internal structure and to relate this to the external fabric of the building.

The measured building survey can extend to all areas within the structure, from the sub-basements to the roof space, showing all voids, ceiling plans, lift shafts and service ducts.

Calculations to determine the net internal floor areas or gross floor space for separate rooms to entire buildings can be completed to the client specification as part of the full measured building survey.

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Floorplan of tedworth House, the new Help for Heroes Personnel Recovery and Assessment Centre

Floor plan
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