Site Engineering

Site Engineer

Survey Solutions has a dedicated team of highly skilled and experienced Site Engineers able to provide expert on-site support for the most complex construction projects either as short term contracts for specific tasks or based full-time on projects working alongside the site team as a permanent resource.

Our Site Engineers have years of experience and construction knowledge and are backed by an expert team in Survey Solutions able to give further detailed advice and technical support. Each of our Engineers will have the latest survey instruments including robotic total stations and GPS receivers and will be capable of working fully independently or as part of the on-site project team.

Whether it is setting-out for construction, checking design dimensions, completing volume calculations or undertaking as-built survey, our professional Site Engineers have the skills and knowledge to deliver.

  • Site Engineers
  • Setting-out for construction
  • Structural monitoring
  • As-built surveys
  • Volumetric analysis
  • Engineering surveys
  • Movement monitoring
  • Positional control
  • Cut/fill reports
  • Stockpile surveys
  • Stake out
  • Pile locations
Site engineer on site

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