Underground Surveys

Site Investigations (CAT Surveys & GPR Surveys)

Underground surveying techniques are a key method of understanding the below ground site conditions prior to excavations, drilling, piling and many other construction processes.

Using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Electromagnetic equipment (CAT and Genny) we can complete a fully site investigation to identify and position underground features and search for voids, steelwork, shafts, graves and even unexploded bombs.

Site investigations (CAT surveys & GPR surveys) can provide or confirm evidence of previous site use, mapping buried structures, foundations, basements, underground storage tanks and reinforcing mesh.  All data can be either marked up on site or show on a CAD drawing combined with a topographical or land survey.

Site clearance surveys or borehole clearance surveys are an essential part of any ground investigation survey to locate clear and safe areas for positioning of boreholes, trial pits or excavation.

  • Underground Mapping
  • Site clearance surveys
  • GPR Surveys
  • Radar Surveys
  • Borehole clearance surveys
  • CAT Surveys
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Site investigation survey
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